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 My thoughts are threads. Rhythms, that crochet active entangelments. 

My artistic practice and process interweaves philosophical concepts within relational and processual systems in different mediums such as installation, textile, sculpture, and performance. In my process, I explore the ramifications and intersections between science, the hand-made, and rhizomatic environments within private and public spaces. Moreover, thread, textiles, needlework, and social fabric prevail as key elements.


Relational studies and translation of systems among practices, generates interconnections where there is a constant commingle between processual ecologies and social spaces. My research culminates in interdisciplinary work topics with practical and poetic intersections among art, philosophy, and science.


The contexts of threads and textiles have been present in my work as a resource of labor and social dynamics. My creative process links and re-constructs the idea of space into relational possibilities and experiences.

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