Soap, paper cloth patterns, fishing hooks, strainers

Skinning Traces took place in an abandoned building in downtown Bangor, ME, its history went from a clothing retail store, to abandoned building and now a burrito restaurant.


This project is composed of a series of two installations in which daily remnants of life: skin marks, maps (bodies moving) and accumulation of remnants are in a direct and indirect dialogue; creating new connections between daily objects, experiences and contexts. These installations consisting of cloth paper patterns of shirt, pants and jacket are cut in shapes of pork skin which are hung from the ceiling with diverse sizes of fishing hooks. Wood remnants which represent skin flakes of the building are in the floor bellow the cloth paper patterns and 400 dial soaps are generating new webs that play between public and private narratives and spaces. In this case wood, soap and cloth patterns are seen as part of an organism-system that often are altered, abandoned and modified by time, place and context provoking traces that are pathways left behind or constantly coming back. Dial soaps smell in Skinning Traces invades and perpetrates the street generating diverse dialogues with the people that walk by.

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