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Steel needles, metal scrap, video, cell phone, fax machine, computer, television, stereo, and speakers

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Didactico 60x90-1 nudos copy 2
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Installation shown in the Museum Casa Caballero Aguila in Cholula, Puebla. This project is composed mainly by fourteen needles of 1.45m (1.58 yards) which orchestrates a fax, cell phone, computer, stereo and speakers which it suspended and embroidered with different threads such as cotton, metallic, and copper. It discarded its production's remnants, a pile of metal dregs, weighing one ton.


The fourteen needles are a human's height. They are placed in space with rhythms of hand movements, generating indirect transformations to spectators and space. The needles on a micro and macro scale are power tools or instruments that transform spaces and surfaces. They touch directly or indirectly in a panoptic context. To embroider is a strong action a technique that penetrates, perforates and alters generating new relations in the experimentation of an environment which in this case is a surface of technology rather than fabric. In this installation the needle, the thread and my body are used to transgress, control and embody processes of daily objects that thread throw images, sounds, words, and dialogs that feed back and forth.


Embroidery Actions is also composed of a 20min video and Knot glossary. In the video you can observe that my left hand is embroidering and stitching my right hand directly to the piece called 220hrs, a computer that has been stitched with copper acrylic thread. Every action, dialogue, sign, technique, discipline, material, and tool forms part of this continuous movement of a power that is hidden and that is inserted and deposit by a capillary form to the audience and their environment.

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