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Plastic, hourse hair, pork skin

Desprendimientos 3
Desprendimientos 1
marco copy

Installation that was exhibited in the "VI International Biennal of Banners" in Tijuana, Mexico. Desprendimientos (Skinnings) is a hand-made project in which pork skin is stitched with horse hair into a 4m (3.82 yards) human cocoon. This project alludes to space as a deterritorialization process; movement which is produced as a combination between the geographic (places where we are located and there displacements) and the symbolic (processes that are immersed). The frontiers become mobile, they change depending on the place where the subject cocoon is inserted. The cocoon in this case is the frontier where the perceiver constructs and reconfigures their relations with the other (referring to movement, environment, and context). Desprendimientos (Skinnings) attempts to allude to the generation and renegotiation of physical frontiers to a mobility of new relations and movements that can suggest new entanglements. Pork skin and horse hair are important elements each one infuses and vibrates processes, textures and visual sounds into the gigantic cocoon.

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