Yarn, aligator clips, plexi glass, Ipad

Threadscapes 9 small
Threadscapes 27 small
Threadscapes - honey
Threadscapes 28 small
Threadscapes 21 small
Interacting with threadscapes 8 - katie
Threadscapes 14 small
Threadscapes interacting - chavo
Threadscapes 13 small
Threadscapes 8 small
Threadscapes 3 small
Threadactractors buena
Threadscapes threads 2
Threadscapes words and threads
Threadscapes complete

Threadscapes is an interactive installation that took place in Lord Hall Gallery at the University of Maine. I consider thread as action, which is simultaneous language, concept, exploration, and system in the space of experience, movement and becoming. All of which in turn separates and connects bodies, and systems. Threads are spatializing, cutting-in and interconnecting processual relations between the virtual and the actual, as one moves actively on the other. The instigation of threads expands across senses processes such as seeing, touching, smelling, and interacting. Through our touch, expressive and empathetic interactions are in proximity to the world.  Experimentation brings to this installation new borderlines, which are active processes that create infinite relations and becoming's which affects and are affected.

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