Yarn, peltri dishes, metal tray, projector, computer

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Thread Ecosystems takes place in two laboratories at the University of Maine as well as outside fields such as where squirrel and deer populate. This installation is composed of four peltry dishes, two videos, and a series of photos that document the process. Thread Ecosystems is an exploration in which diverse sizes and widths of cotton, acrylic and silk threads and yarn are put in examination within diverse agencies such as bacteria, fruit mold, acid and peanut butter.


​A black yarn is put in examination with outside animals such as squirrel and deer. Five meters of black yarn, thoroughly dipped in peanut butter was attached eighteen hours from a tree branch to the icy grass. It was observed after this period of time that the yarn was eaten and licked. A white cotton thread is immersed and entangled in fruit mold, a white silk thread is sunk within bacteria, a white acrylic thread is immersed in acid. This project was examined and documented for three weeks where I observed the interaction and movement between the thread and the substance. In each thread case the relation and process was different.