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Feedmidst Lab is a mobile social laboratory that aims to produce local dialogues and experiments based on science, art, and social concerns around Maine and New England. Feedmidst Lab will include ongoing workshops, and participatory activities for viewers to contribute to the continual interaction and evolution of the space. 

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Wrapping thanks
Thanks feedmidst campaign
27 Days feedmidst
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$100 contribution

Many thanks to everyone that has been part of this project!!! So grateful...

Elmar Langholz

Suzette McAvoy

Harald Langholz

Dudley Zopp

James Chute

Waterfall Arts

Gibran Graham

Zehorith Mitz

Nora Villarreal

Elmar Langholz Jr

Ana Karen Juárez

Christina Bechstein 

Alan Clark

Amy Pierce 

Tara Law

Rosario Villarreal

William Cordova

Martha Peraza

Laurence Le Bouhellec

Mariel Dzib

Lindsay Parker

Marna Bunnell

Ilana Boltvinik

Everth Rodriguez

Jorge Miravete

Everth Dzib

Margarita Peraza

Zach Hesch

Bethany Engstrom

Sergio González Angulo

Elizabeth Lavoie

Anique Vered

Mauricio Peréz Benitez

Mariana Suárez

Dr.Flux - Owen Smith

Meg Fournier

Michael Scott

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