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"When scale loses its traction on sited awareness, the tentativeness of the forming moment--raw process, the raw process of venturing forth as existing all up in the air with the nearground, middleground, and farground simultaneously--will be seen, heard and smelled to as-if flutter in the breeze”.

 -Gins and Arakawa



Wooden table and chair, metal bowl, needle, ceramic cup, spoon, noodles

Ingestion ' siglinde_edited
Ingestion ' siglinde
noodle 2
set up performance

Ingestion is a four hour performance, the amount of time it takes my body to ingest most of the noodles in the bowl. Ingestion is performed with a table, chair, needle, metal bowl, food ink and hand made noodles. In this project events of translating, writing, thinking, eating, and ingesting are interconnected, opening up unknown relations. I start this performance by writing with a needle and food ink on the noodle. I eat my words and I eat my thoughts. Each word is thought in Spanish, it is translated and then written in English. The words written are part of my remembering of some key concepts from Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari, Being in Time by Heidegger and Thinking of Systems by Meadows. Each word only comes alive and gets written when my thoughts relate with a corporeal movement it is to say the words provoke a direct movement in my body. Words are movement, they vibrate depending on the context inserted. Each selection process is part of an intermingled system which weaves into bodily relational experiences and thoughts. The noodle moves through my body absorbing and extending active forces.

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