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"When scale loses its traction on sited awareness, the tentativeness of the forming moment--raw process, the raw process of venturing forth as existing all up in the air with the nearground, middleground, and farground simultaneously--will be seen, heard and smelled to as-if flutter in the breeze”.

 -Gins and Arakawa



Wood, thread, photos, plexi glass dishes, needles

Threading Ecologies is a wooden suitcase that opens up to new explorations, it collects and re-configures stories, forces, movements, and interconnections related with thread and knot systems. The suitcase travels as a tool kit recollecting openings that bring new opportunities to thread encounters and explorations. It journeys to unexpected interactions and spaces around Mexico and Maine collecting organisms, threads and environmental remnants. Threading Ecologies is a time event project that focuses on fields that have potential related to environmental and urban trace-debris. Each journey is documented into diagrammatic unknown drawings, photographs, textiles and actions. Inside the suitcase there are separated areas each one has a function to contain, cover, store and the possibility to start a new process. The wooden suitcase unfolds into a display table making visible the diverse processes and encounters that took place in these events and will be generated.


Threading Ecologies ask for your participation. In many practices, thread and knots are part of a visual, tangible or intangible process. What emerges as a movement of attention cannot be replicated. It is not a thing, a process. This project aims also to collect your hand movements and processes, which requires your participation by leaving a collaborative thread trace in the loom, creating an active association between bodies, objects and the choreographic field.  The thread traces in the loom do not exist as already-constituted, they are modalities of singular events in the making. This is a mode that provokes divergent and emergent constellations of future movements and makings.

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